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Activities and Events

Our Daily Activities & And past Events 

Keep an eye out for upcoming events here....

Mindset Monday - 11am - 4pm

Why not join us every Monday and start your week with some Zen activities including reading, puzzles & general chilled coffee - chat - connect


Tuesday Singing from the Heart 1pm - 2pm 

Join us every alternate Tuesday when we enjoy the company of Pam Stevens from Calne Singers leading us in song.  A fun filled hour is guaranteed.

Crafty Wednesdays - 1pm - 2pm

Why not join us every Wednesdays for Hooks. Books and Needles. 

Seated sports.jpg

Seated Sports

Our Thursdays are dedicated to Seated sports with the lovely Lauren @ 11.30am we have 30 minutes of fun sports activities that are great for everyone, followed by a lovely hot meal around noon.

Fun Friday!

Fridays are meant to be fun and that is exactly what we do at heart of the community, with cards, board games, darts & bingo Friday is full of friendly 'competition' from 11 am - 8pm with a light lunch served at 12 noon, express yourself through art @ 1pm and a hot meal being served around 5.30pm, why not join us?


1st Monday of each month  10am to noon

Heart of the Community's resident hairdresser is available for a salon cut

at a snip of the cost... 

All donations contribute to the running costs of Heart of the Community


Past Events

Easter Extravaganza

April 2022

Our Easter extravaganza lasted a whole week with around over 100 children in  all week taking part in many different activities. 

From egg decorating, nest decorating, Easter crafts and finishing on the Saturday with a BBQ & Egg hunt, we had so much fun.



30th October 2021

Halloween saw approximately 100 youngsters carving pumpkins at our spooky party.  

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