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Baby it's cold outside..

As Autumn approaches and thoughts start to turn to Christmas, Heart of the Community has put together activities to cater for everyone from silent appointments to singing sessions. We are proud to be able to promote:

Monday - Coffee, Connect, Chat

The opportunity of offering our guests the time to connect with each other and share their weekend events. We recognise that for some of our guests, Heart of the Community is the only opportunity they have to share experiences.


Tuesday - Singing from the Heart

Through singing we release endormorphines which raise our spirits. With this in mind we extend a warm welcome to Pam Stevens for being brave enough to lead our guests in song every Tuesday at 1pm.


Wednesday - Hooks, Books and Needles

The amazing Gemma continues to try to teach some of our guests the art of crochet, knitting along with the joy of reading... Gemma is with us from 1pm.


Thursday- Seated Sports

Heart of the Community is delighted to welcome back the team that bring us

Seated Sports at the new time of 11am.


Friday - Express yourself through Art

Use the freedom of art to express yourself and enjoy the zen moment.

Art sessions run from 1pm on a Friday afternoon.

The evening session usually includes card games, bingo and other family activities.


In addition to our activities, on average we provide food for around 11 people each day, that is a staggering 3,000 meals in a year.

We continue to be flexible in relation to all our activities, believing that the key to growth and success lies in listening to our guests and applying a can-do approach to our volunteering.


If you want to be part of an amazing team that seeks to support and nurture our

community why not drop us a line at


Please note our new telephone numbers are: 07493 736469 / 07494 738893

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