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The Joys of ...

If Heart of the Community had to find a tag line for the the last couple of months it would have to be Party on or The only way is up.. Why, because we have hosted or co-hosted celebrations and the number of guests using our services has increased.


Our project, SN11 - Calne Welcomes Ukrainians, held two celebrations, Celebrating Christmas in January and Easter in April. These events brought together Ukrainians' from Calne and Chippenham for their celebrations. The Christmas Celebration took place in Calne Town Hall and enjoyed the company of Lady Lansdowne and the Calne Mayor. While Easter celebrations took place with Marden House as the backdrop.

In addition, Heart of the Community held an Afternoon Tea to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III in May.



In March, Heart of the Community began to record the number of guests at each session.

This proved to be an interesting exercise as it became

apparent that we were experiencing a steady grown in the number of guests, in April we provided food and companionship

and for 248 people.

Using this as a base figure, Heart of the Community could see a footfall of around 3,000 in the year and when combined with other activities could reach 3,280 guests in the year.

While the level of poverty and social isolation is not something that brings us joy, the support and friendship our volunteers provide our guests, making a difference to so many lives, is a source of joy.



Heart of the Community are grateful to all who have donated food especially the parents of Little Acorns Nursery, the goods for raffle prizes from Costa Coffee and the financial donations of OneStop Shop and Calne Lions as well as the private individuals.

We appreciate that without your support, we would be unable to touch so many lives.


Other News

Colemans Farm received a visit from the Environmental Health

Officer and were delighted to maintain its 5 start food hygiene rating.


Why not join us?

The trustees and volunteers represent a diverse background in terms of academic achievements, financial background, mental health awareness and belief. This helps the organisation better understand the guests we help and serve.

If you want to be part of an amazing team why not join our volunteers and become part of our family. If time is an issue for you, but you would like to help in some other way, please contact us for a chat.

For more information email us on


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