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Amazing August

Heart of the Community's second month

of operation in its new home

was truly amazing,

exceeding all expectations.


The Trustees are delighted to announce that there was significant growth in terms of both and partnerships.

The average footfall to Colemans Farm has increased to 20, with approximately 11 of these visitors staying for food.

At a birthday party for one of our regulars recently there were 23 people seated, with plenty of room for more.


New Partnerships While we continue to enjoy the partnerships already formed with Calne Foodbank, Healthier Communities and our Resident Hairdresser, we are delighted to be in discussions with other charitable organisations, to see how we can collaborate to our mutual advantage.

The trustees hope to be in a position to provide more information next month.



Heart of the Community has been running crafting sessions on a Monday and Tuesday, with the Wiltshire Council initiative Healthier Communities enjoying upto 19 people participating in seated sports.

One of the changes to our daily routine is the introduction and formalisation of some activities.

Heart of the Community offer:

Mon: Bookfolding

Tue: Jewellery Classes

Fri: Seated Sports.

An additional activity is currently being investigated for Wednesday afternoon.

All activities are optional, with the opportunity of sitting out and either chatting or reading if preferred.


August Fayre Heart of the Community is looking forward to holding its first Fayre this coming August Bank Holiday Monday.

For more information please see our facebook page.


Funding We are delighted to announce that we have received an additional £1,000 funding from the Arthur Clarke Foundation in August.

There are also more grant applications in hand.


Trustee Development Our current and prospective trustees are currently enjoying training provided by Wiltshire Community Action on the roles and responsibilities of being a trustee. It is hoped that at the end of the training session two of our volunteers will become trustees.If you are interested in joining our trustee board, please contact us for further information.


Volunteering Opportunities As Heart of the Community is establishing itself at Colemans Farm, our ambition is to expand our volunteer base to enable us to open 6 days a week. Simply because hunger and loneliness do not recognise the weekend!

If you are interested in helping us achieve this goal please contact us at


What next? We are all amazed at how quickly Heart of the Community has grown and developed over the last 2 months.

Our volunteers have learnt to take everything in their stride - the only question we ask is what will sizzling September bring?

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