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Growth, Collaboration and Partnerships

Best laid plans...

We have almost been open a month, and one of the things we have learnt

is that we have to be adaptable.

The original plan of being open between 2pm and 4pm had to be revised when service-users arriving on the Monday were expecting a meal. Heart of the Community revised its thinking, and from day one, opened from noon, and provided a meal.

When Heart of the Community was planning the relocation, it was expected that on average 6 people would call in for refreshments and a chat, Our average footfall turned out to be 11 people, of which 5 of them would enjoy lunch...


What began as 3 volunteers at the start of July, doubled with a number of

helpers, some of who we are working collaboratively with such as the pet foodbank.

Other Collaboration/Partnerships

Heart of the Community are thrilled to announce that it is in the process of discussing further collaborative partnerships with Healthier Communitirs, a Wiltshire Council initiative.


A positive Covid test is something every organisation is fearful of.

But when one of our regulars experienced this, our volunteers continued to offer her food and support.

A true reflection of love and compassion that runs through our community, and a prime example of neighbour helping neighbour.

Future Plans

  • Looking to the future, Heart of the Community is planning to open earlier, with our operating hours in August being 11am to 4pm,

  • Starting fun activities, such as jewellery classes on a Tuesday afternoon, quizzes and sporting activities - there will also be an alternative of a quieter space for service users who do not wish to participate.

  • To increase awareness of our location, a series of events are planned , with the first one being a fayre held on the August Bank Holiday.

  • Heart of the Community will continue to seek to work in partnership with others to deliver a first class, varied service to its customers.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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