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May Mayhem

Wow, what a month it has been.

After months of thinking about creating a new website, and weeks -well an hour of week for about a month, of working on it, our website was launched on 20th May 2021 with a feeling that Heart of the Community had finally reached the 21st Century.

The end of May saw the launch of a monthly update newsletter, the aim is to provide an overview of the interesting things that have occured in the month, whilst looking ahead to what is planned for the following month. If you want to subscribe to these monthly updates, please email 'subscribe' to

In June we are looking forward to running more daytime classes, as we hope to launch our jewellery classes on a Thursday. This will mean that we will be running a class everyday except Wednesday and Saturday. If you're are interested contact us for more information.

A big thank you from everyone at Heart of the Community to our Duke of Edinburgh award student for her creativity and assistance in building the website and our first update.

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