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A Jaunt through January

Following a busy December which included a Christmas Lunch on Christmas Eve for 20 guests followed by activities, our volunteers took some time out to focus on families etc.

Heart of the Community reopened on 3rd January, ready to go...


News in Brief

Heart of the Community are delighted to announce that three of its newest volunteers have found a role for themselves within the organisation.

Two of the Charity's volunteers are thrilled to pass the baton of promotion and marketing to Cat and Jess while Sarah is spearheading the shine a light on autism group.

In other news, the organisation is delighted to have received funding from a local store to purchase raw ingredients for use in preparing our freshly prepared food.


Forthcoming Events

10th January - Calne Cuts

Our resident hairdresser is making her monthly visit to offer a salon cut at a snip of a price.

For a better cut, freshly washed hair is preferred, with all donations being passed on to Heart of the Community.


14th January - Seated Sports

Heart of the Community is delighted to see the return of the Wiltshire Council Initiative, Healthier Communities. #

The day offers the opportunity of preparing a meal to suit your taste, followed by seated sports and other activities make for a fun filled Friday.

Seated Sports takes place on a weekly basis.


17th January - Krafty Korner

Heart of the Community is also delighted to announce the return of a weekly Kraft Korner. The first project is to create a dream catcher.

Places are limited to 10, so booking is recommended.


31st January - Shine a light on autism

Heart of the Community is pleased to support the monthly peer to peer autism support group. Please contact us for additional information.



Heart of the Community recognises that some of our service users

may find it difficult to reach us. With this in mind, we offer a lift, free of charge, to and from Colemans Farm for those with mobility issues. Please contact us if you would like a lift.


Volunteers needed

Our vision is to offer a weekly breakfast club and a film night and evening activity sessions. To enable us to expand and reach our 2022 goals, we could do with more help.

We are always looking for new volunteers to take some of the burden from our current volunteers and to enable us to fulfil our vision. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our friendly team.

If you want to know more about our volunteers, keep an eye on our face book page, as we will be highlighting a volunteer a week over the coming months.

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